Our Services

Nursing Services

Our registered nurses (RN’s) provide observation and monitoring of participant’s health status during the program hours.

  • Daily monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar for diabetics, per PCP orders.
  • Provide Health education and counseling to the participant and family as needed.
  • Monitor, administer and record prescribed medications.
  • Provide liaison to the participant’s personal physician.

Social Services

Our in house social workers will work directly with each participant and their needs. Services provided:

  • Provides counseling and referral to available community resources: these agencies will
  • coordinate all services delivered to the participant to meet the participant's needs
  • Serves as liaison with the participant's family and home.
  • Provides daily monitoring for changes in participant's mood and behavior.
  • Provides case management to meet the needs of the participant. Our in house social workers will help with coordinating bill payments, helping with appointments and filling out applications.

Occupational & Physical Therapy

  • Provides muscle, nerve, joint and functional tests.
  • Provides treatment to relieve pain, develop and restore function.
  • Guides participant in the use of therapeutic, creative and self-care activities for improving function.
  • Provides daily individual and group exercises.

Nutrition Services

Our center provides 3 balanced meals each day of attendance. Meet and speak with our Dietician to discuss your current diet and let us provide you with a special diet plan.

  • 3 meals are provided daily: Breakfast, Snack and Lunch.
  • Center will provide dietary counseling and education.

Activity Program

The Center holds monthly birthday and holiday celebrations with live music, and host fun activities for our participants.

  • Kingdom Living ADHC develops the activity program by assessing the needs of each participant that includes: arts and crafts, jewelry making, music therapy and sing-alongs, current events discussions, sensory activities, mental stimulation games, healthy living classes, special events, table games, spiritual care and devotionals and many other therapeutic activities.

Transportation Services

  • The center will provide transportation to and from the participant’s home and the center.